Thursday, March 29, 2012


We are still heavily into pirates at our house and I've learned I can't turn my back on Eliot when the face paints are out (he painted his entire face and arms black in the five minutes that I was distracted on the phone).  And I really wish that joyous smile on Eason's face was because he was so delighted in the craft we were working on, but alas it's because Eliot (in the five seconds in took me to go grab the camera) decided to take a big bite of the fake snow that we were making (ingredients ivory soap flakes and water).    I guess lesson learned is there aren't really many situations where I can turn my back on Eliot.  

We've been hiking.  The wildflowers are starting to bloom and we're trying to do at least a hike a week so we don't miss out on any.  I think we've finally (I hope I don't jinx it) hit a critical development in our hiking where both boys can now do a great deal of it on their own.  It's especially helpful when you can fly most of the way down the trail.