Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Rainbow of Eggs

We got our first ever white egg today, the first from our second flock. Pretty exciting stuff. I think we are going to be up to our elbows in eggs soon. We've got 14 chickens, and 9 of those will start to lay soon (we already get two or three a day). Maybe the granola stand will be replaced with an egg stand.

AND carrots! Our fall/winter garden has been pretty neglected this year so I was surprised to pull up these carrots today. Eliot was pretty shocked that at the end of that plant was a carrot.

We are off to Southern California for one of Brian's meetings that we turn into a trip. We're going to try to use 30 year old passes to Disneyland, only the Greenes would still have those around. I think taking into consideration rising entrance fees and inflation we might actually make money on this deal. The boys don't know we're going to the park, only that we're going on a trip. We're going to keep in quiet until we arrive that morning. Right now the highlight is the possibility of using the over-sized crocodile that Eason received as an incentive for not picking his nose and eating it for two weeks. It actually worked and my fears of Eason being one of the booger eater crew that we all remember in elementary school has now been diminished. We inquired of the hotel if they had a "floatie policy" and the woman was a bit thrown off. She looked in her policy book and couldn't find anything regarding "floatie protocol." I'm sure shortly after our visiting with an 8 foot inflatable ride-on crocodile for four "floatie policy" will be on the next meeting agenda.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Food Production

For several weeks Eason has been interested in making granola and selling it. This week was the big week. We made granola on Tuesday, he washed the bottles and packaged the granola, and he prepared his signage. Yesterday at 3:00 the sale began! It was a wild success. By the end of the sale all 6 jars were sold (half to Daddy).
It's been some time since I've blogged, but in the interim we got more baby chickens (15 to be exact). We've culled the flock by selling some young hens in the Bay Area and unfortunately, or fortunately, which ever way you see it, one of the hens was a rooster. We tried to find a home because we hated to eat such a beauty, but to no avail. Before we got complaints we had him for dinner. I was sort of dreading the process, but Brian and I were quit surprised at how easy it was to butcher and process the bird. Maybe it was beginners luck, but I think we'd consider getting some meat birds in the future. Especially considering how expensive organic chicken can be.