Friday, December 2, 2011

five years

I have now been a mother for five years (and change, this is a bit overdue).  We were able to celebrate Eason's fifth birthday with lots of family and friends this year. This was the first event since our wedding that both sets of parents and our brothers and sisters (now all referred to as grandparents and aunts and uncles) were together. We had an amazing, amazing time enhanced by the face painter that came to the party.  She was such a nice addition to the festivities.  The kids and adults alike enjoyed seeing her completely transform many faces at the party.  Just in case you're in the Hood River/Portland area and would like to have her at an event you can find her at shiningfaces.  I really like to pretend that I'm writing to this vast audience out there (hi Dad!). 

My mom made the fire truck cake.  It was a big hit.   I remember being around the same age and having a very impressive Halloween (my birthday is the day after) cave cake made for me.  I'm always so impressed by how my mom can make ANYTHING and do it perfectly from the get go.  She also made Eason a pair of really cool wooden stilts.  I think she should have an etsy site where you just request something, anything handmade and she makes it.  Too bad etsy doesn't offer health insurance. 

A friend of ours also made a homemade pinata for Eason. I mentioned Eason was interested in a pinata for his party and voila our friend told me he's made around a dozen for different parties and he'd love to make one for Eason.  Talk about ask and ye shall receive. 

We've been busy making lots of things lately and trying to fight off colds.  I've got lots of posts I'd like to post, but I've just been too too tired in the evenings. 

Five years, wow can that really be true?