Thursday, September 29, 2011

Let the costume making begin

A family of pirates are we to be.  First step, dirty up some pirate clothing in coffee grounds, turmeric and then a good rubbing in the dried mud bog outside.  Later on in the day Eliot began to cry "I don't want to be a dirty man."  Apparently he had a change of heart on the unanimous vote to be "dirty pirates."  We are currently working on sewing our own Jolly Roger and planning numerous trips to the second hand store to pirate it up a bit more with some accessories.

On an unrelated note... Tonight at dinner Eliot looked at me and said "Me poop on you.  It be really weird."  Eason immediately jumped in with, "I'd wipe it off you."  How is that for showing some pure love and devotion for your mother?   

Anybody else out there have boys and still feel a bit of shock each day at how many times the word poop is mentioned and in so many different contexts?  Ignore it, ban it, join right in???

Sunday, September 25, 2011

We're back!

It's been a long, stressful, uncertain six months, but we're finally regaining some sense of normalcy.  We're now living in Hood River, Oregon (lucky us) and are enjoying the new clean slate that life has given us.  We felt a bit insecure at first about leaving our "old life" behind, but now we're super excited to dream and scheme and plan for the future.  What better way to celebrate jumping back into this than a mud pit (and hopefully if our landlords see this they'll fully understand that we will fill in and re-seed this area in the yard).