Friday, March 12, 2010

A natural history of our chickens

An oddity enjoyed by my eldest who loves all things tiny

A young Rhode Island Red

First fried egg

First egg!

Brian built a hatch in the back so we don't have to enter to collect eggs.

The girls went missing. Found in a coil of chicken wire.

I intended these photos to be sequential, but they are not. Just learning how this all works. So here is a scrambled natural history of our chickens. Posting name is inspired by this documentary The Natural History of the Chicken. Although a documentary that I like better for inspiring one to eat a happy chicken is Food Inc.

Stay tuned for a picture of our finished coop. A few books and websites have been pretty instrumental in gathering all the information we needed. Backyard Chickens and My Pet Chicken are great places to find out everything you ever wanted to know about raising chickens, from how to boil an egg (this can be tricky with fresh eggs) to how to convert a VW van into a coop. I also stumbled across Grow It! some years ago and it has been a huge influence in all of these farming ideas that I aspire to. It's out of print, but you can still find some around.

Having the chickens has been such a great experience for Eason. I'm amazed at all of the questions it's generated, and his enthusiasm for participating in any and all of the chicken chores. One day Eason was floored to find out that roosters don't lay eggs, and he feeds them all on his own (while we are out there) each day. Eliot is getting very into them too, but his main interest is in chasing and possibly riding them if he could figure out how.

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