Monday, July 19, 2010



Czech Republic




I couldn't just breeze on past our trip to Eastern Europe, although it's tempting. We had such an amazing time, it's hard to sum it all up in just a few sentences. I'm completely overwhelmed with attempting to organize all the photos and realizing that my goal of FINALLY completing those baby books and previous travel albums this summer is just not happening, not to mention my new idea of a web page to organize all our travels. So here is a little glimpse of the trip. I limited myself to just one photo from each country visited. Again, these are in jumbled order. Can anyone help me on this? Also, won't let me add the USA photo. I'll try to add that later. Too time pressed too start it over.

Too sum up our trip...

We asked a lot of our kids and they were such troopers, on the other side of things it's really tough to have all of your children's tantrums be in foreign public arenas.

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  1. Blogger is a pain about photos sometimes! You have to either a.) Upload them backwards or b.) Select the add a picture and start from the bottom. I prefer the first way so if I have to add a bunch of photos it is easier to keep track. I can't figure out how to upload more than four photos from Picasa though, so have to use Blogger which takes forever. Hope this helps!