Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Back in the Apples

We got a call this week from Sierra Glen about the miraculous recovery of the Braeburns. They were hit with apple blight earlier in the season and that, coupled with a late frost, killed a lot of the blossoms. No thinning this year! But, they rebounded and we were called in to think about ten percent of the apples. It was a quick job. Of course I forgot my camera, again, but I got this shot of the apples we brought home to feed to the chickens.

Chicken update. Two are now broody and sitting on eggs. The first batch of fertile eggs was a bust and by this weekend we'll know if we get any action from the others. We aren't very optimistic.

For anyone who happens to be in our area and wants to adopt some apple trees, Sierra Glen is looking to expand the co-op program next year.

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