Friday, March 25, 2011

Butterfly Release Party

We released our butterflies today.  Of the four remaining Pink Ladies (one passed on) two of them flew right out of our hands and headed up up up in a hurry.  One flew right to the tree in front of us and the last one flew right to the ground below us.  And there they still sit.  We have all enjoyed this project and each of us have learned a lot.  For example did you know butterflies release a meconium that is a bright red upon emerging from their chrysalids?  Or, they taste with their feet?  Or, the final measurement of the caterpillar is less than the length of the chrysalid, therefore Eason deduced that they shrink!

I think next we'll try the praying mantis kit.

My favorite quote of the week:

"Hello.  Welcome.  This dance originated from Bosnia."
-Eason Greene announcing a bit of background information on a performance for Eliot and I. 

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