Sunday, October 2, 2011


Today we spent the day watching salmon attempt to jump up the falls on the Klickitat River.  Wow.  Two things astonished me.  One, that any salmon can ever make it up these falls, continue on up the rapids and have enough energy to mate.  They were getting so knocked around by the falls and smashing into rocks I was surprised that didn't do them in (not to mention that on normal days these fishing platforms would be occupied by big guys with nets to add another challenge).  And two, that we were the ONLY people there the entire time. 

I continue to be amazed that we actually get to live in this area.  Every time we walk downtown to an event or drive a few miles to a spectacular scene I'm pinching myself.  It really makes getting over the job/house loss a lot easier. 

I think before the salmon spawn is over I'd like to go back on a day when they are fishing.  I already considered becoming a vegetarian today when I saw what the salmon had to face to carry on their species and I'm wondering if a club to the head would seal the deal.  Hmm... do I want to give up that tasty smoked salmon they throw in free at the fish stand? 

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