Friday, November 4, 2011

mountain adams

One of my favorite things about the house we are living in right now is the view we have of Mt. Adams (Mountain Adams according to Eliot).  Part of my morning routine is to creak out of bed after much cajoling from my two children, slip on the coziest clothing I can find, open the blinds of the bedroom window, wipe off all of the condensation with an old burp rag that I keep close by for this very purpose and then see if I can see the mountain that morning.  I get very excited when we can see the mountain. Sometimes I don't realize it's out until we are in the driveway (the other really great place where the view can be seen).  I shout about the mountain being out today and how beautiful it is and how lucky we are to be able too see a mountain like this from where we live.  The boys are not too impressed, they are, but they don't really see why their mother must carry on and on about this mountain almost daily.  I've gone so far as to keep a tally of how many days we can spot the mountain (Eason does get into this part of it).  Thus far, we have seen Mountain Adams 33 days since we've lived here (according to my ability to remember to make a mark on the calendar).  I almost feel obligated to leave a little note to the owners of the house "hey just so you owners know when you aren't here in the winters you can see the mountain xxx number of days."

In addition to finding a permanent rental, with oh three bedrooms, a really great kitchen with a gas range, a room for our crafting stuff, a fenced yard, walking distance to town, good gardening spot, energy efficient, very reasonable rent and good character, I think I must now add view of Mountain Adams to that list of necessities.

Notable quote relating to this:

"Mommy, I hope somebody in Hood River loses their job."  -Eason
"Why Sweetie." -Me (sounding concerned and perplexed)
"Because, how else are we going to find a permanent rental?" -Eason

Sometimes I sort of think they are a bit too young to really soak all of this in and then one of them will make a statement like this.  I really hope we do find a permanent place that we can settle into, but I also hope that if we don't we can all find a way to really feel like where ever we are is home and to let go of some of our attachments to having "our permanent space" on this planet.   I think as a mom, if we don't find a more permanent situation, I need to get really creative about how the places we are in can feel a bit more like ours.  At least for Eason I think this will be very important (okay and me a bit too).

So here it is.  Dut da da duh... the view we see from our bedroom window *it looks a bit more impressive in person.

Oh yes, and I really do like being able to see the river too.  

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