Wednesday, November 2, 2011

our halloween

A family of pirates this year.  This might very well be the last year Eliot is open to Eason's group costume idea.  Although Indians (is that pc these days?) and family of scarecrows has already been thrown out there for next year. 

We had a great Halloween, but the Sierra Waldorf and Columbia State Park celebrations were missed by all.  I missed the candy free atmosphere when Eliot became a total madman for a 48 hour period obsessing over candy and how he could get it for every meal (mind you I think he had a total of 6 pieces over two days).  I think trick or treating was fun in the moment, but when I was putting Eason to be he said "why do people even think trick or treating is fun when people just give you candy that tastes disgusting."  I read something recently that said that tastes are formed by age three, so maybe by being candy free until 5 means candy has been ruined!  I'm not sure what this means for Eliot. 

I saw a brilliant idea over at soulemama about the candy ferry visiting and collecting any candy donations in exchange for a gift.  So, I busted out this idea and all accepted.  They left their candy by their jack-o-lanterns and in the morning the gifts were stuffed in the cavities.  Halloween cozy pants for Eliot (made last minute by the mom when I realized I had no gifts to exchange) and spokerZ for Eason.  Do you remember spokiedoks?  They're back and still a hit with the kid crew.  The rest of the candy we saved for the candy buy back at the local kids consignment store they will buy back candy for 10 cents a piece this week. 

Hope your Halloweens were great. 

PS This is the perfect house to decorate for Halloween. 

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