Friday, January 20, 2012

What's we've been up to...

There is a back log of blog entries I've been wanting to write, but just haven't had the time or I've had the time but have been just too tired at night to sit down and write.  So, here is a quick flashback of what we've been up to the last month. My plan is to do some detailed blogs on these in the future. 

Eason and I made these magnets for Christmas gifts using paper scraps we had in the paper box including some origami paper that I got from our exchange student when I was in 7th grade!

Our house turned into a beeswax candle making factory for about three weeks in December.  I loved the smell of honey that filled our house, but after making 12 lbs. worth of candles I'm ready for a wee break from candle making.

Eason, of his own volition, began to write.  My idea has been to follow the Waldorf philosophy on learning letters and reading, but after staving him off he decided to take it upon himself to copy down all of the letters that he sees on signs, boxes, in books, etc.  He walks around the house with a paper and pen and loves to have us read back the gibberish "words" that he forms.

Pears, pears, pears.  We now live in a huge pear producing area and have benefited from it.  We've been poaching pears, drying pears, eating fresh pears and...

making cranberry pear sauce from a great recipe that a friend gave us (that I would include, but can't locate at this moment.  

We also made some mulling spice sachets for stocking stuffers.  And just mysteriously found them in the art box after having given up on them for good.  Late January stocking stuffers are always appreciated.  

We rode the Polar Express.  Thanks Aunt Michlain and Brent.

Eason started to sew and wowed me by embroidering his name when I wasn't looking. 

We played in the leaves and decided not to bag these up as yard debris as they were too pretty and now they've been incorporated in to our snowmen and snow forts.  

We found new ways to use all the chestnuts we collected (that were horribly bitter when we roasted them making Mommy question if they were really chestnuts and decided instead of poisoning the family they should be relegated to decoration only).  

Threw this together after being inspired to do so over on soulemama.

Spent Christmas in Panama.  

And last, but certainly not least, Eason started school.  We are one of the newest families to join the Gorge Discovery School, a two day a week program for homeschooled kids.  It's amazing, a shockingly perfect fit for us and just one more thing to make the move last year much easier.


  1. Loved this! Almost didn't recognize Eliot...was thinking who is that big kid next to Eason :-) And no worries on the writing...lots of waldorf kids teach themselves to read before 7 too. It just shouldn't be pushed, if that makes sense! Parker asks me all the time how to spell and of course I spell for him, i just don't follow it up with a lesson on phonics and word families ;-) Can't wait to see more posts!

  2. That's nice reassurance. So, would you start the introduction of the alphabet story? I really like the idea of that, but I'm wondering if I wait until "kindergarten" if he'll be way past that.