Monday, January 30, 2012

scrap paper magnets

They were making these magnets at Michael's one day (or was it Craft Warehouse?) and after making one in the store I was sold on buying all the goods to make our own at home.  It's a great use for all those scraps of pretty paper that you can't bear to throw out, but have not idea what you're going to do with them.  These were one of the things we gave as Christmas gifts this year.  You don't need much, some strong magnets to glue on the back with a strong glue, these round clear glass things that you can buy at craft stores, the glue pictured below that works great on glass and some nice paper.  Through experimentation I discovered that slightly thicker paper works the best.  We made a few with newspaper print and the glue sort of ruined the print before it dried.   

This is the glue we used to affix the paper to the glass round.  We just put a few drops of glue on the glass and then placed the glass on the paper (print side).  We tested it first to see where it should be  placed, but the glue is pretty forgiving and if you make a mistake you can remove it before it dries. 

Here are a few waiting to dry. 

This is the glue we used to adhere the magnets to the back after we trimmed them.  It's pretty toxic smelling, so I took them outside to do and let them dry out there too. 

This was very kid friendly project.  My five year old loved to count out the number of magnets and glass rounds we would need and  to pick the paper we would use for each magnet.  I did the gluing, but after they were dry he trimmed the edges. 

I saw a set similar to these in a store a few days after we make them.  They were selling for 6 for 15.00.  I didn't exactly add up the cost, but maybe they were .25 each?  I really love all the possibilities of combining colors and prints.  We plan to make these again soon.  We got so into making them for everyone else that we forgot to make a set for ourselves. 

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