Thursday, February 9, 2012

housing rant

Again, not that I have this following or anything, but to anyone out there reading this here is a brief summerization of our last year... job loss, job gain, move back to the good old Northwest, really super super difficult time finding a place to rent while dealing with the bank on the imminent loss of our house, settle on a nice albeit temporary rental and now begin the search again for a place to land for a bit.  I realize I have so much to be appreciative of and many people are in much worse positions, BUT I have never felt my blood boil so much as it has over this past year.

I never really thought I would face housing discrimination.  I knew it was out there, have heard about it, but didn't really think it was out there this much or in reference to MY situation.  So what is the awful thing that we are trying to move into these people's houses??? OUR CHILDREN.  Yep, as soon as they inquire about number of residents and ages of those residents all of the sudden I no longer receive those promised emails and phone calls and our references are never even checked.  I keep feeling in disbelief that time and time again the reason we are not deemed worthy renters is because we have two kids, two kids, just two kids.  No dogs, no smokers, no bad history, no unemployment, etc. etc.  Just two kids. 

We've begun the search again and again all possibilities drop off once the mention of children is brought up.  Yes, we could report them.  But then do we really want a landlord who has been forced to rent to us.  And honestly, I am so sick of trying to get the "system" to treat us fairly and follow the rules, I just want a straight forward rental signing agreement.  One year please, is that too much to ask? 

Please look forward to my next rant on foreclosure, short sales and the banking system! 

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