Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Painted Ladies

For Christmas we got the boys a kit from Insect Lore.  They have lots of different insect hatching kits (I checked it out and they don't seem to be introducing any insects to areas that might be harmful) and we chose the Painted Ladies kit based on a friend's recommendation.  I was very tempted to get the preying mantis kit, since Eason was a mantis for Halloween this year, but maybe that will be our next insect hatching project.  

After several weeks of waiting (even more than anticipated when do to a communication break down we found the order form in a pile of papers when we thought it was well into the mail system) the caterpillars arrived on Monday.  We've been watching them and making observations and drawings in a journal.  We have been reading some great books that are very informative for kids and adults.  Family Butterfly Book and another one that I can't seem to find now which is disappointing because the photos were amazing.  I'll try to find it on the shelf at the library. 

Here is a fun caterpillar fact:  Caterpillar poop is called "frass."  
"Hey boys, don't forget to wipe your frass."

We're off to eat ice cream on the front porch.  The boys have gotten me hooked.  I've always been hooked on ice cream, but eating it in February on your front porch, basking in the sunlight in barefeet.  Hmmm.  I don't think I'll ever get used to that even if we live here the rest of our years. 

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