Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Who's that small man I'm nursing?

A little cardboard box action

I still can't seem to plan ahead enough to order the photos how I'd like, but here's a jumbled display of our last few days.  We spent the weekend in San Francisco visiting Michlain on her working weekend in the city, eating, biking, walking, eating, eating, walking, eating and shopping craigslists.  As cheesy as it sounds every time we visit San Francisco I fall in love with it all over again.  How, oh how, could we spent a year living there?

We ate at some VERY good restaurants this trip.  Read the following reviews by our little connoisseur.  Maybe this will launch into his own foodie blog.  (There has been a slight miscommunication about what a review involves.  It was presumed it was more hands on, reviews will be completed by the mama). 

Fraiche  the best fro-yo I've ever tasted.  All made at the shop, can taste the tangy yogurtness, fresh toppings (no peanut butter cups here), valrhona and callebaut chocolate, need I say more? 

We're going to abort the reviews.  We have a clown, soon to be an angry clown, if we don't move right along to caterpillar observations.  


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